Gatineau - What about the Services?

The city of Gatineau, or at least those who try to sell houses here, talk a lot about the world class services in this city. Well, let me start with health care services ...

I will summarize by saying this - I have leaved here 4 years now and have yet to see a Quebec Doctor.

No, not by choice!

My family Dr. is in Ottawa because the waiting list for doctors in Gatineau is an estimated 6 years. Even my 1 year old daughter has to see an Ontario Doctor because there are no pediatricians taking new patients in the City of Gatineau.

Now, there is one part of the health care service that is adequate. The CLSC Gatineau has provided free immunizations for my daughter, and they sent a nurse to our home for the 48 hour and 1 week check-up of my daughter.

Does this make up for having to drive to Orleans Ontario (35 minutes) last month with my sick daughter because she is refused a 6 clinics (Yes, 6 Gatineau clinics refused to see her - a 14 month old!) - absolutely not.

If you have health issues, do NOT move to Gatineau!


Anonymous said...

I live in Gatineau also and my Ontario doctor of 17 years abandoned me this year because Quebec is not paying Ontario doctors the amount due and also because of the language issue.

Anonymous said...

Please do not move to Gatineau, we already can`t take care of our won.

llm said...

I agree 100%. I was injured at work and a few days later had to attend the emergancy room in Hull. I was seen by a specialist only twice more ( in Hull) before I was made to wait a year and a half. At that time I was so fed up I actually had to travel to Kingston just to get treatment.