Gatineau Taxes - the Biggest Lie

Lets start with property taxes:
A 2000 sq.ft home in Ottawa on a 50 x 100ft lot (approx) taxes are about $3,000 a year.
In Gatineau : $5,600 a year!

Difference? $50 a week

Income taxes:
Based on a Salary of $60,000
Ontario net per paycheck : $2,000
Gatineau net per paycheck : $1,600

Difference? $200 a week

So if you are a home owner with a $250,000 house and a $60,000 a year job, you WILL PAY about $13,000 more taxes PER YEAR than your conterpart living in Ottawa. Read that again - Gatineau taxes are THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS more ...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, interesting blog. I've seen some different numbers than you're quoting, maybe you could explain your sources. According to this tax calculator (, the difference in tax for a 60k salary is $4000/yr (or ~80/wk).

Also, isn't the "welcome tax" just a land transfer tax that applies any time you sell your house in Quebec or Ontario? I don't know the numbers for Ontario or Quebec, but I'm pretty sure they both have them.