Gatineau Health Care - beyond bad service

One of the five-pillars of Canadian Health Care is Accessibility (from the preamble of the act: “the plan must provide for reasonable access to services”). Last week, my daughter (18 months) was sick. As I suspected (and was confirmed) it was an ear infection. Certainly not an emergency case, but requires a visit to the Doctor none the less.

I am aware that there is a shortage of Doctors, funding and perhaps “will to do anything about it” in Gatineau, that is why our family physician is in Orleans Ontario. However for walk-in clinics to turn away an 18 month old walk-in patient (2 because they are too busy, and one because they “do not open new files”) is deplorable.

Here are the clinics. I hope the Quebec Ministry of Health takes action!

“Too busy”
Gatineau Maternity and Family Medical Clinic - 195 Gréber Blvd
Outaouais Medical Clinic - 25 de la Savane Road

"Will not open a new file" (even for an 18 month old)
Clinique Médicale De Touraine - 520 Boulevard de L'Hôpital

Traffic at la Verendrye and Greber

I have said it before and I will say it again … does anyone do traffic impact studies in Gatineau?

For those of you who may have noticed the traffic increase at Greber and La Verendrye and wondered why, there is a new Government of Canada office (Passport Canada) located on Greber just north of the la Verendrye intersection. I have heard the final number will be somewhere between 500 and 1000 new employees, on shift work.

La Verendrye is already saturated, and not properly designed to deliver the number of vehicles that use it now. This new office is creating such congestion that the North (left) lane of the East-bound side of La Verendrye can get backed up for 3 to 4 traffic light cycles because of left turning traffic, and because of a 3-4 car turning lane, that stops traffic that is trying to go straight through. The option is to veer into the South (right) lane to get by the turning traffic (and then quickly veer back as that lane ends just past the intersection!) … and I am sure that will cause traffic accidents soon enough.

If you can find an alternate route to avoid this intersection, do it!
Overhead view of La Verendrye and Greber intersection