Gatineau Health Care - beyond bad service

One of the five-pillars of Canadian Health Care is Accessibility (from the preamble of the act: “the plan must provide for reasonable access to services”). Last week, my daughter (18 months) was sick. As I suspected (and was confirmed) it was an ear infection. Certainly not an emergency case, but requires a visit to the Doctor none the less.

I am aware that there is a shortage of Doctors, funding and perhaps “will to do anything about it” in Gatineau, that is why our family physician is in Orleans Ontario. However for walk-in clinics to turn away an 18 month old walk-in patient (2 because they are too busy, and one because they “do not open new files”) is deplorable.

Here are the clinics. I hope the Quebec Ministry of Health takes action!

“Too busy”
Gatineau Maternity and Family Medical Clinic - 195 Gréber Blvd
Outaouais Medical Clinic - 25 de la Savane Road

"Will not open a new file" (even for an 18 month old)
Clinique Médicale De Touraine - 520 Boulevard de L'Hôpital