Is anyone in charge in Gatineau City Hall?

I don't want to go on a rant here, but some days I wonder who makes the decisions in the City of Gatineau Town Hall.

A few times a year, the Gatineau Optimist Club set up traffic cones and begs drivers for spare change for charity. This is usually done on a Saturday at non-major intersections and is a minor nuisance.

This morning, during my commute to work, the Gatineau Firefighters and local media set up traffic cones at MAJOR intersections (for example St. Joseph and the 5/Montbleu and at St. Joseph and Montclair) causing a traffic slowdown and delay of over 15 minutes on my commute – which is already over an hour to travel 15kms because of poor traffic planning (please see other posts).

I support firemen, I think they are heroes. I also support charities through annual donations and I feel most charities are deserving of support. However, slowing down and stopping rush hour commute traffic in a city whose roads are already slow and over-burdened is beyond idiotic.

Please contact your representative in City Hall to find out which Public Servant or Elected Representative authorized this major inconvenience. That person should be demoted, fired, or at a minimum have all decision making authority removed from their position.

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Anonymous said...

I ear ya same with all the construction being done on principale in aylmer quebec the store owners in some cases cant even get a proper access to ther establishements. You think a city would help out the busnesses in aylmer with this major inconvinience or they rather just see the stores and community break down. Lots of great things in gatineau . Great place but the city just cant do ther job right with planning bunch of bafoons.