City of Gatineau Services - Daycare

The City of Gatineau and most of it's supporters talk about the "7 dollar-a-day" daycare system as a justification for the increased taxload.

My daughter was born in July 2006. My wife and I started contacting daycares for a $7 spot starting in January 2006 (yes - before she was even born) for July 2007 spots. It is now October 2007 and we have yet to hear from any subsidized daycares in the city of Gatineau.

While these spots do exist, they are not unlimited and they are very hard to get. If you put your child on a waiting list before they are born, you might get a daycare spot by the time they are 2.

If you are using the cheap daycare as a justification for the excessive Gatineau taxload, get your facts straight!!


Anonymous said...

I too am still waiting for a subsidized daycare spot. I've been on 3 waiting lists since I've been 3 months pregnant and now my child is 18 months. I'm still waiting for a phone call...

Anonymous said...

What can I say?

I make phone call before my son is borned in 2006,July.

and 6 months later, they told me call them back to track the status, there was no position;

2008 spetember, I called back once again that I got ansewer they are using the website to register. all old lists will follow the website.

what happened now, today is 2010 May 18th, My son is going to be 4 years old! no one call us back yet.